You are a healthcare professional, physician in charge of cancer patients and you want to get a comprehensive molecular profile of their tumor to help your treatment prescription?


You (or a member of your family) have been stricken by cancer and you want to know which is the best treatment for your specific condition?

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OncoDEEP, OncoSTRAT&GO, OncoSELECT, OncoTRACE & OncoSHARE : Personalize, Monitor and Connect

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OncoSHARE is the link between the patient, the oncologist, the oncology community and OncoDNA. It allows sample Shipment box request, analyses ordering, process follow-up, data analysis and data sharing. As it is dynamic, analysis results can be updated with latest publication and the oncologist kept informed of these changes in a proactive way.

  • Portable application Portable application Use wherever you want
  • Tumor pathology confirmation Tumor pathology confirmation Tumor tissue loacalization and resection
  • Plus Package Plus Package A bunch of analysis to question chemotherapy and targeted therapy efficacy
  • NGS Sequencing NGS Sequencing For robust and sensitive variant search
  • Fastest Turnaround Time Fastest Turnaround Time For a fast treatment response
  • Clinical Trial Portal Clinical Trial Portal When standard of care are not effective, the solution can arise from drugs which are still in development
  • Drug recommandations Drug recommandations Transform tumor molecular characterization data in treatment regimen propsals
  • OncoSHARE Account OncoSHARE Account For fast, easy and secure access to analysis results
  • Free Info and Sample Shipment Kit Information and Shipment Kit Just ask for our Shipment box to know more about cancer, OncoDEEP and beneficiate of a free Shipment of tumor sample to OncoDNA

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